9 Secrets About Employee Location Monitoring


9 Secrets About Employee Location Monitoring


Every sales business requires employee location monitoring to check the work status. The best part is can be customized as per the company size.

What is Employee Location Monitoring App

It is a sales management application for a company whose employees work in the field. You cannot look at the field activity there is the only way to check their activity is employee location monitoring. There you get to know whether they are wasting time or working.

Why do we use an employee location monitoring app?

It builds trust between the company and employees.
It helps you to save travel-related expenses and optimize time.
It also reminds them about their next activity.
You can locate your workforce in real-time.
You can generate date-wise reports.

9 Secrets About Employee Location Monitoring

  • Get accurate distance traveled by field employees.
  • It will automatically store the time spend in the client’s location.
  • Segregate lead however you want.
  • It provides alerts on the start and the end destination.
  • Store data in an encrypted way.
  • It also provides a specific Id and password for each executive.
  • Remote attendance from remote areas.
  • Apply for leave and check leave balance.
  • Secure Backup

Now, what is the best employee monitoring app with GPS? There are various monitoring apps available in the market with different features and pricing. Choose an app with simple UI and support all the major platforms. We help to choose the best for your business.

ID and password
Data hosted
Provision for hosting
Travel data history
Simple sign-up procedures
Data maintenance
Automated reports
Encrypted data log
Multi admin access
Online approvals
Single user, multi-rider operations
Reliable back-end calculations
Mobile–Devoted App
Day to Day insights
Provision for additional analytic
Email notifications
Multi-rider handles
Available on: web, mobile (iOS, Android)
People- 100/- Per User/Month
Standard-400/- Per User/Month
Classic-500/- Per User/Month
Premium-700/- Per User/Month
We have analyzed different monitoring apps and found the best for you. But the most important thing is fulfilling your requirements and needs for your business. Choose whatever is suitable for your business. 
Travelize is an Employee location Monitoring apps that allow the manager to manage sales employees. It is GPS based application prefer by the sales team. Their focus is to increase your productivity and improve workflow. They provide a free demo and customer support as well.
 We have analyzed different monitoring apps and found the best for you. But the most important thing is fulfilling your requirements and needs for your business. Choose whatever is suitable for your business.

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