Sergeant Damien's Invocation Will Grant You Camo Gloves


Sergeant Damien's invocation will grant you camo gloves

You'll get black sword fragments if you summon a lesser Demon. Greater Demon activating will give the player red sword chunks. K'ril Tsutsaroth's invocation will grant you demonic blade RS gold designs and a sword hilt chunk. The Demon Butler (it's item name is Alathazdrar's Seal, but the look-up information says it's the demon butler's) ~ invoking will teleport you to Sergeant Damien. Once you've completed this, invoking again will give you 200 bowls of curry.

Sergeant Damien's invocation will grant you camo gloves, camo boots along with dog-tags. They aren't random events, therefore they can't be put in the closet. The Demonic Blade ~ after you have the plans and pieces from the seals, go to an anvil and bring 80 smithing, a mithril bar, the pieces, the plans, and of course the hammer. Make use of one of the sets of pieces that are on the anvil and you will make the demonic blade and recieve 10k smithing and xp (this cannot be done with assistance).

The blade has the same stats of a dragon 2-h however it is able to deal 250-500 damages to monsters (and Zamorak). It also has a high precision rating, and has the ability to deal 50 poison damage at half the rate of p++. There's no guarantee that the poison will be administered. The poison can still be a threat to another monsters, but it's not guaranteed, and deals only 10 damage. It is stuns demons and has the same special attack that a D 2-h. To be able to wield this weapon you must have 70 strength. It doesn't have an attack. Even with its slow speed against demons, this sword is a good training weapon.

After you've collected all seals, head back to Azzanadra. Congratulations! You've got all the seals! I have arranged a meeting between you and a few gods. Are you interested in attending a meeting? Yes. Some of the other gods have agreed to help to free Zaros as long as he is kept in confinement. Confinement? Does a pyramid this size too small to be used by gods? Sure, but Zaros remains a Majharrat, he is still similar to us in size. What is the matter with Zamorak? Aren't they both Majharrat? He is a Majharrat however his curse from Zaros has made him severely disfigured. His body is huge and he appears like his demons.

Tell me, what does Zaros appear like? His entire face was covered with a scarf of sand, but his hair was long and straight. It was black. He also had eyes of purple too, and cheap RuneScape gold many believed that this was the reason why he was fond of the color purple so much. The robe he was wearing was similar to the scarf, but it covered his entire body, apart from his arms. Nobody knows his hair, skin or eye color. This is what we know about the gathering.


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