I Could Not Agree With Your Sentiment More


I could not agree with your sentiment more

I am not hyped at all. Haven't even searched any news on it. I'm deeply into my franchise with fresh faces on M20 and I'm only going to keep rolling with it. I don't really care, unless there's earth shattering franchise changes. When I was a teenager I used to buy every single one so I could be up so far but I really don't care now. I believe that. Im in my mid 20s now and have gotten the Madden NFL 23 match every year, but slowly my friends have stopped playing Madden and today its just me and one friend. We're both less than enthusiastic for this season and will probably adhere to 2K Mut 23 coins.

I could not agree with your sentiment more. I have no excitement for the Madden NFL 23 game, not one of my friends play with it, every single season it seems just like a demo version that they retail for $60. A new exclusivity deal has been signed before 2026, despite how much I want it I understand that Madden NFL 23 won't be any greater. I believe I'm gonna sit this one out. Last year I was beyond excited for M20.

This year I played (MUT) intensely from launch until early October.Then one day from nowhere just ceased and never picked it back up. I had been eager to truly get better at online drama after diving for 2 months it just wasn't satisfying. H2H looks nothing of the actual game, every year it is whatever 5 plays are broken over and over for a complete calendar year. Madden and NHL will be the only two games that I play and have for 15 decades.

Just a new broken five plays that are ran at an obnoxious clip for a complete year. I've been saying since Halloween that my last real hope is M22. Expecting the ability of next gen may result in meaningful improvements specifically using the AI.

Thats one reason I'm not excited either. If I play online I will only get frustrated. And solos get dull after some time in MUT. Agreed, I will hold out minor hope the manual zone depth will help suppress everyone running the identical stuff but if history is any indication there'll be plenty of broken material to exploit.

This season, the long-running Madden NFL sim series is adding The Yard, a mode that replicates the sort of ball we played with on our front lawns and at the park growing up. Modes like this are important for Madden and EA Sports. The soccer franchise is a continuing best-seller and money-maker for the publisher, which sells millions of copies which makes more money off in-game transactions. Additionally, it has things for sale on mobile, and this mode will be on both mobile and also the console/PC platforms. So it provides a method for players to participate one, with the long-lived series which I am sure EA hopes translates on livestreams. And with this casual football style, EA is expecting to increase Madden's audience madden nfl 23 coins.


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