Apricot Has So Many Health Benefits


Apricot has so many health benefits

Apricot or apricot is a seed-rich fruit. The scientific name of apricot is Prunus Armeniaca. Its scientific name is derived from Armenia, scientists believe that apricots first originated in Armenia. However many other experts claim that it was native cultivated in India 3,000 years ago. This fruit is grown in hilly places in India like Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, etc. Apricot is similar to peach or plum. Apricot peel is soft and slightly rough. Apricot has a soft, tangy pulp under its thin outer skin. Apricots are generally yellow or orange. Apricot trees range in length from about 8-12 meters. Its tree twigs and leaves are densely spread. Apricots contain significant amounts of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E and niacin. Along with the content of vitamins, it also contains mineral content such as potassium, copper, manganese, magnesium, and phosphorus. Apricots are an excellent source of dietary fiber. It is used in various cosmetics. Apricots can be eaten not only as fresh but also as a variety of dry fruits. It is also used in making various juices, jams and jellies. Apricot oil can also be obtained from its kernel. For more info about this Visit Here.


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