So I Finally Got Someone To Tell Me Why I Got Exiled


So I finally got someone to tell me why I got exiled

Not true at all. This is just a copy/paste answer that they're offering all users, including those aion classic kinah who haven’t done any other than normal SR hairpin run. I know of a person who hasn’t been online for more than a week, and was banned for doing this. They could have simply checked on people who had left and then re-entered SR repeatedly, and then declared them banned using an automated check, not even bothering to confirm the authenticity of their quest.

So I finally got someone to tell me why I got exiled. Beware of people, running SteelRake and doing the HairPin quest could get you banned if you do it in multiple times. That's exactly what I was doing along with my fellow players part of the LFG group I was part of. It was our plan to kill the mobs, gather the 12 hairpins and visit the Shugo to turn in our quest. Then we'd come back in Steel Rake and continue in the same manner. It's something we all would do even when the game first launched in 2009. Had no clue this is an exploit ?! I have replied to them asking if this is an exploit or it is a false positive on their end. To me, this is not an exploit , but is it by design? Be careful when doing this with the hairpin quest.

Playerbase is higher in Aion Classic although it's a matter of perspective considering how Aion retail makes it seem like there are just six people on the field at any given time the last time I looked. Aion Classic was the one of the combat patches the most highly praised by players. This is because of its animation-based combat system, and the fact that certain classes' identity types haven't been affected by power creep. Aion Classic does have 1 hour of free play, which isn't much, but it's a good thing because it is still possible to play a little if you have to stop your sub (and if you pause your sub then that prob implies that you're not in a position to spend a lengthy duration of time).

Do you see any differences in terms of gameplay, graphics or the player base? I've played one player to level 8 on the F2P edition, and would like to find out whether Classic is worth it. What are the pros and negatives of both? It would be truly amazing!

It's amazing to me how quickly this game is falling apart. Since it was the most powerful and most well-populated faction I chose to play on Siel Asmodian. By week 3 I had achieved my maximum in enchanted plat and had also completed my 30e armor and accessories. If it's peak hours and I'm unable to find any Elyos in the Abyss. I conducted a search on players for 50s in the abyss , and we had 44 Asmodians with 11 Elyos levels 50 and above in Reshanta. I've tried radar techniques to find 2 or 3 Elyos within the Abyss. This game has become so tedious that I'm almost ready to give up. Dredgion isn't coming soon enough.

Wow, what you just has to do with the buy aion classic kinah eu reason that Aion classic is so bad. It's because of players like you who rush to win and do not enjoy the or rifting, who spend 3000$ to acquire kinnah, and who show no remorse towards cheating.


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