Why It's Worth Being Optimistic In Life


Why it's worth being optimistic in life

First, being optimistic is good for morale and allows you to approach life more simply. But the important thing to know is that optimistic people live up to 15% longer than those who approach life in a more negative way. It's time to choose your side!

Optimism preserves. People who are positive in life are between 50% and 70% more likely to live to be at least 85 years of age.

This is the conclusion of a long study * conducted by scientists at Boston University, based on a corpus of 70,000 nurses and 1,500 soldiers in the United States. For this survey, men were followed for 30 years and women for ten years ...

Being an Optimist protects against stress

According to the researchers, this is because being optimistic allows better management of emotions and, therefore, provides better protection against the deleterious effects of stress.

Research shows that optimism increases the chances of aging in good health and thus reaching a later age and you slower get old. It helps you be confident to say to others How many days old am I. Conversely, stress promotes premature aging. It also means (and this is the bright side of it) that pessimists have a handy tool to increase the odds of having a healthy life.

Researchers thus suggest that interventions, such as imagining a positive future, or more intensive cognitive behavioral therapy, may increase levels of optimism.

According to other studies, more optimistic people tend to have two things that pessimists don't: first clear goals and secondly enough self-confidence to achieve them. Optimists are thus more efficient at problem-solving and can better regulate their emotions during stressful situations. ".

Optimists have the ability not to get depressed by negative life events. Stress has a negative influence on the immune system. We could deduce that being optimistic allows us to be better armed against infections and allergies.

It can also be noted that some studies have also made a link between stress and shorter telomeres. Remember that the telomere is a chromosomal component associated with cellular aging and the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

3 tips to be optimistic

1. A successful start to the day

The way you start your day is fundamental; a relaxed morning often decreases stress levels for the rest of the day.

This will keep you in a good state of mind and fuel you up for the whole day.

2. Fewer worries about the future

Worry, especially when it presents constantly, is a destructive habit. It is paralyzing for the mind and inhibiting for action. Difficult to move forward in life when you fear the next day.

To overcome this negative mindset, ask yourself a simple question: How many of the things I dreaded actually happened? Probably very little.

Our worries and fears are often nightmares or “bad trips” which remain in the realm of fiction. These are imaginary scenarios that rarely happen in life. By asking yourself this question, you are going to set foot in reality.

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3. Positive choices

The people you see every day and the information you consume on a daily basis have a great influence on your state of mind. , which will have a big impact on your attitude and your outlook.

So choose to:

  • To be optimistic, spend more time with happy, positive people (those who boost your morale and energize you) and as little time as possible with “toxic” people (those who are negative and pull you to. the bottom).
  • Leave news channels, social networks and media focused on disasters, controversies and bad news. Conversely, pay more attention to sources of humour, personal development blogs, positive books, films rich in emotions, relaxing or uplifting music ...

Being optimistic is a question of attitude, but also the result of the small decisions that we make all day long when we choose to do this rather than that ...

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