How To Regain Self-confidence? 9 Effective Tips


How to regain self-confidence? 9 effective tips

How to regain self-confidence after a phase of doubt or a painful episode such as a divorce or job loss? Self-confidence is gained over time. It is built with exercises and attitudes that require two things: a little courage and regular practice.

What does it mean to have self-confidence (or regain self-confidence)? Let us start first with a definition of this expression, which appeared in the 18th century and passed into everyday language.

Having self-confidence means that you are "  assured of your own possibilities and capacities ". This means both:

  • Know yourself well, believe in your own worth and potential. 
  • To feel capable of doing certain things and of bringing value to a group or a project.
  • Have enough confidence to dare (more often) to take risks and seize opportunities.

Confidence is an emotional skill, what is often called today a "  soft skill  " and rest assured if you lack it, it can be worked on and it can improve ...

9 tips to regain self-confidence

Confidence is expressed differently from one person to another, mainly depending on their experience and the environment in which they operate. The type of education she received as a child, and the school environment she attended, played a fundamental role in building her confidence capital.

Self-confidence does not improve over time and the lack of confidence even tends to increase with age. It can even become crippling for some adults.

This is why it is essential to learn to identify the complicated life trials that we must go through in order to approach them with positivity, determination, and strategy. Here are 10 common sense tips to help you build up your self-confidence over time.

1. First think positively

To regain self-confidence, you have to change your thought mechanisms and listen to the little voice in your head that guides your emotions and actions. If you say to yourself all the time: "  I can't do it ", it will inevitably have a negative impact on your behavior.

The idea is therefore to work on your thoughts and make them positive: "the more I believe in it, the more I can do it, the more it becomes possible and the more I have the chances of succeeding !" ". It is not a question of lying to yourself, but of becoming aware of your capacities and personal resources.

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2. Rehearse the scenes you are going to play

Our brain gives us the ability to predict what is going to happen and to anticipate situations. In the cinema, we project ourselves into the character's life and we experience the situation as if it were real. Likewise, before an important event, we would all benefit from rehearsing the scene ...

For example, in the case of a professional interview, we can visualize the moment in a positive way. You have to think about your posture, your presentation, your language, your answers, the possible reactions of the interlocutor ... as if everything was going perfectly well.

When the day comes, it will be a question of reproducing the scene in reality. When we imagine that the interview will go well, in general, it goes well! Good preparation always has positive consequences for regaining self-confidence.

3. Live your failures as experiences

When you "crash", when you miss something, you should not see it as a failure but as an additional life experience. Otherwise, we risk not attempting anything again because of the (oh so paralyzing) fear of failure.

Often, people who are insecure are terrified of making mistakes because they see flaws and signs of weakness. These errors show them that they are not up to the task and it is their pride and self-esteem that are affected. Still, life is a long learning process, and making mistakes and missing things is completely natural.

When you make mistakes, the important thing to regain self-confidence is to take advantage of them to progress and not repeat them! Try to be motivated and always read life quotes. Visit - It will help you to keep your confidence level up. 

4. Set reachable goals

Setting goals is a profitable strategy to regain self-confidence. They allow us to have a precise vision of the actions to be taken. Our thoughts will be clearer and our decisions will be faster.

Set goals that you think are achievable because if your lack of confidence is linked to the fear of failure (it often is), it may be because you tend to set the bar too high.

Self-confidence is based on a clever mix of realism and common sense: you must know your abilities and skills as well as your limits and weaknesses!

5. Do the best you can without striving for perfection

People who lack self-confidence are often perfectionists who cannot tolerate even the slightest flaw in design or workmanship. But perfection is difficult to achieve in any field. So if you have a patron to support you, that can be heard, but if not, come back down to earth.

If you're always looking to be perfect, you're going to spend a lot of time looking for "the little beast" to make things better. As a result, you will never validate anything, which will inevitably affect your productivity. If you don't come out with something concrete because it's not yet perfect, you will never achieve any success.

To regain self-confidence, you have to aim for excellence, that is to say, personal satisfaction at 98 or 99%: it is already beautiful work, don't you think?

6. Get out of your comfort zone

Without going crazy or being reckless, try to get out of your comfort zone and out of your routine. Seek to discover other contexts, other environments, other types of people.

It's a good way to regain self-confidence because it gives you new benchmarks, new perspectives and refreshing ideas. You will learn to adapt more easily to new situations and circumstances.

7. Go more towards others

If you have difficulty creating contact with others, reaching out to get to know each other, chatting, exchange, it may be a sign of a lack of self-confidence. Or maybe you are a misanthropist?

If social situations (parties, meetings, weekends) tend to paralyze you, remember that this is the case for most of us. To try to connect with others, you must first be interested in them and, second, know how to devote the time it takes to listen to them. As you know, people love to talk about themselves …

Forging new relationships is another important way to regain self-confidence.

8. Turn away from "toxic" people

Lack of self-confidence can also stem from the behavior and discourse of those around you. We colloquially define “toxic” people as people who “  poison our lives ”.

They are easy to find: they are people who question everything, drag us down, and for whom nothing ever fits. Pessimistic and negative, they are often the source of conflicts and are particularly good at generating stress in others.

To regain self-confidence, it is therefore essential to start a detox cure to get away from these toxic individuals and get them out of your life once and for all.

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9. Avoid comparing yourself to others

If there's one thing to avoid when trying to regain self-confidence, it's good to compare yourself to others. There will always be stronger, more beautiful, richer, smarter than you.

But rest assured, you will always also find weaker, uglier, poorer, and dumber than you! You have to learn to accept and love yourself for the way you are. This is called self-esteem.

Finally, to regain self-confidence, it may be wise to consult a shrink or a specialized therapist. Professional help and a non-judgmental gaze will allow you to identify the origin of the lack of self-confidence.

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