8 Guides On The Other Side


8 Guides on the Other Side


I have had many of those mountaintop experiences,  Manifestation Code System Review times when my spirit was revitalized and I was sure I could conquer the world, no matter what trial or tribulation I faced. But then something completely revolutionary happened, time passed and the mountaintop experience faded and the trials and tribulations got harder than I imagined they could ever get.

I live in South Central Pennsylvania in the Great Cumberland Valley tucked away between two ranges of the Appalachians. I can stand and spin in a circle and see mountains. If I were to hike to the top of the mountains I would have a great vision for the beauty of the world around me but as it is in the valley I can't see past the valley, my immediate circumstances.

I believe that when we have our mountaintop experiences we're given a glimpse of the great things that God has in store for us. So how do we live everyday with a Mountaintop vision when we have a valley view. I think the answer is simple we need to hike up the mountain everyday. For some that means spending time in worship, for others it may be watching a teaching series or listening to a CD. Some might find reading a book can help usher them into the throne room, and I think all will find the Bible quite helpful. What I'm saying is we need to get a hold of God everyday and ask Him to see the way He does.

Imagine the world outside the valley as the world the way God wants it to be His Kingdom has come and His will is being done. That is what we get a glimpse of when we have those mountaintop experiences. God doesn't want mountaintop experiences to be something that happens occasionally but a way to live everyday life. He wants us to live in the valleys, in the fields, in the marketplaces and in our homes, but he wants us to view the potential of all those places the way he does from the mountaintop.



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